School & Party Packs

UPDATE:  We are closing down!  All of our white cotton blanks and fabric paints have been reduced.  You can now create your own party pack by selecting from our individual menus.  See WHITE COTTON BLANKS and FINISHING TOUCH to view.

If you need any assistance with quantities, please email me directly at

As a general rule, allow one paint bottle per two people (roughly!)  Don't forget to add glitter, gems and metallic paints to add extra sparkle and shimmer.  The kids love them!!


Our School & Party Packs are a fantastic activity for a child’s birthday party, playgroup or classroom. Packs can be completely custom-made – meaning you can choose anything you like from our product menu and we’ll happily prepare a pack just for you. Or, choose from our existing Library Bag, T-Shirt, Sunhat or Cushion packs.

If you have a special theme, we’ll even print out some graphics to inspire the children. And, we’ll add all the extra touches the kids need to make beautiful works of art.

Every child will take home a special memento from the party that they can use again and again. It’s a great way for kids to be involved, show off their creativity and engage with each other.

Visit the SHOP to view the collection or CONTACT US to discuss your specific requirements. Gift packs start at around $20 per child and all orders over $100 are posted free of charge across Australia.



When hosting a party, we recommend following these top tips:

  • It’s a good idea to do the craft activity early (first up if possible) so the items have a chance to dry before home time.
  • Clear an adequate amount of space so each child can engage and reach all the tools they need to create their fabric magic. If you’re using large items (library bags, dresses) it’s a good idea to pick-up some manila folders or other large soft cardboard and place them between the layers of fabric to prevent any bleed.
  • Sometimes children hesitate if they haven’t already pre-planned what they’re going to draw – so it helps to have some print outs of some design ideas to get them started – especially if you have limited time (we can help with this, just let us know your theme and we’ll include some designs in the packs or you can download them HERE).
  • Fabric paints clean up easily on skin with soap and water – but is permanent on fabric. So protect clothing and furnishings before getting started.
  • Remember, there’s no right or wrong with art. If someone makes a mistake, the best plan is to paint over it. Children respond creatively when they’re encouraged to follow their imaginations and be free!
  • Relax, have fun and don’t forget to take lots of pretty pics! Kids really respond when they see their art in a photo.

If you need any more assistance organising your Blank Canvas party, please get in touch. We’re here to help make your little ones special day, extra special!

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