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There’s nothing kids like more than seeing their artwork on show. So why not share your little one’s masterpiece by uploading a photo. You never know, their design might inspire someone else’s creativity. You can also upload your photo via Instagram using #blankcanvasgifts.

  • Rockstar Sophie personalising her art smock.  She loved it! 

  • Even Little Millie joined in - painting a tea towel for her granny! 

  • The tornado made his own hat for kindy this week, no mistaking which one is his now!

  • Totally loving himself sick in this rad T-shirt he painted.  Loved it Blank Canvas Gifts
    .  Laura Blythman


  • Having chosen the perfect watermelon bathers Lily decided she’d like to make her own t-shirt to wear to the party.
    The DIY pack was perfect.
    Claire @ Claire Collected 

  • I was asked this week what was the best part of the party and my answer was, without a doubt, the t-shirt painting thanks to Blank Canvas Gifts. The girls (9) were the perfect age and their creativity was delightful. They even kept dashing back to add more glitter and finishing touches throughout the afternoon. Claire @ Claire Collected

  • Remy (3) really enjoyed transforming his blank canvas t-shirt. So lovely to see him concentrating.  
    And he loved all that glitter!

  • Sophie (5) really enjoyed unleashing her creativity on her blank canvas t-shirt and now proudly wears her works of art!

  • Little Ollie is concentrating so hard on making a beautiful tea towel for his Nanna!

  • The painting smock is done and ready to wear!
    Vanessa @fourcheekymonkeys

  • The grandkids did a beautiful job decorating their hats. 

  • My daughter Scarlett (6) is a budding artist and she relished the opportunity to plan and paint her very own cushion, which now takes pride of place in her room
    . Karen – Child Magazines


  • Now the cushion is taking pride of place on the sofa (under Sunday’s instructions!) 
    Briar - Sunday Collector

  • Sunday and Mimi were entertained for close to an hour as they turned the t-shirt and cushion in to little works of art. 
    Briar - Sunday Collector

  • Our little designer tee that we worked on together.  We were inspired by all that neon at the Australian Open this year!  Now she wants to wear it every day (lucky it washes well)!

  • I think they did an awesome job - lots of colour and their own little creative ideas - on something they will get to use every week at school.

  • Our kids had a ball in the school holidays turning their Christmas pressies into new library bags ready for school. They were so excited to take them to school today to show them off!

  • I had soooo much fun drawing freehand and creating! They are amazing quality products – thank you!
    Sam Minshull


  • The girls shared a Duo pack which I thought was great value as they mixed and matched the paints and markers giving them even more variety.

  • Emily with her Frozen inspired library bag. She’s looking forward to school now!

  • She is so proud! I've never seen her so focused. Normally a real scribbler but the time & precision was extraordinary! Charlotte (3) modelling her painting (or art) smock

  • “Ava and her little helper Chloe loved getting their craft on with Blank Canvas Gifts. Such a clever gift idea for Christmas and perfect for those hot summer afternoons to help children get creative!”
      Amy Zempilas – Absolute Amy

  • “I was very impressed with the quality of all the paints and supplies, and we had plenty left over for future projects.  In fact, my teenage daughter has already used the paints on another project!”
    Alisha – Buggy Buddy’s

  • “My 11 year old son took the longest with his project. I found him mixing his primary colours to create new paint colours when he needed them.”
      Alisha – Buggy Buddy’s

  • “It gave me such joy to see them concentrating so hard, and putting so much effort into their projects.”
      Alisha – Buggy Buddy’s

  • “My kids were so proud of their work, and were thrilled with themselves... a definite self-esteem booster! I know we will cherish these projects for years to come!”
      Alisha – Buggy Buddy’s

  • “My kids loved every minute transforming their Blank Canvases and are as proud as punch showing off and wearing their finished designs.”

  • “Annie turned her shoes into ‘Superpower Shoes’ complete with turbo power buttons!”

  • “Fletcher and Clementine loved their Blank Canvas Gifts. The library bag and painting smock are beautiful quality and will be treasured for years.”

  • “They were so quiet! There’s no sweeter sound than that of a child concentrating!”

  • “What girl doesn’t love some bling?!”
    Sophie modelling her Blank Canvas & rhinestone hat.