Design Ideas - Adult Gifts

Father's Day Design IdeaMy daughter's definition of painting generally resembles a colour explosion. She's 3 - so while that style looks great on her - I wasn’t sure how her dad would feel about it when we painted his Proud Dad t-shirt! So I decided to rein in the creativity just a smidge and used masking tape to create shapes. You can use any style - crosses, triangle, squares - even just a large rectangle to 'frame' the artwork. The tape is just a way of creating some boundaries for the kids art. It made for a really easy craft session and the activity then became a fun colouring and counting game as she worked her way through the rectangles.

If your kids are a bit older, they might benefit from some simple visual cues to help them decide what to paint. We've put together some easy outlines below that can be downloaded and printed. You can then use these to trace onto the 'canvas' or just as inspiration for your kids to design something unique.  Plus you'll find plenty more ideas under 'Design Ideas' above.

A couple of tips –

Happy painting!

Superman Music Umpire Love
Mustache Marshmallow Football King's Crown
Teddy Bear Skull Car Fish