Introducing Create Your Own

Create Your Own Kit

I get loads of requests asking if people can mix and match our gift packs.  Some people want an extra t-shirt or bag, knowing our paints stretch further than one ‘canvas’.  It’s always been possible, but now it’s even easier with our Create Your Own Kit.  With over 40 different paint colours and almost all our blank canvases to choose from, you can cherry pick from our entire collection to create your very own, personalised gift.

This is a perfect option if you:

  • are buying for one family where you think the kids can share the paints, but you need two canvases.  Just remember to add paintbrushes to your cart as well
  • want your little one to have the option of canvases so they get more than one project in their gift bag
  • are looking to purchase some great quality fabric art paints and markers at good prices
  • want to add some extra colour paints to your gift bag to add more options 
  • have a specific decor you want to colour match with your paints

You can see the whole collection on our dedicated Create Your Own page.  And if you have any questions, remember, we're always here to help.

Happy painting