Back to School

Back to School with Blank Canvas GiftsGet the kids ready for school with these awesome DIY craft packs.  There are pencil cases, library bags, hats for the little ones, art smocks and more.  Designed for kids aged from about 2 to 12 - our packs contain the highest quality fabric paints and markers so you know their art will stay true wash, after wash.  Totally non-toxic and safe for all kids, our kits will keep the kids entertained for hours over the holidays.  


Some tips to help your kids get the most out of their gift from Blank Canvas:

- depending on their age, you might find it helpful to use masking tape to block off areas of the fabric or spell out their name.  The tape helps create a 'frame' for their design and gives it a neater edge.

- if your kids are a bit older, encourage them to plan out their design using the blank card that is included in every kit.  They can also use pencil to outline the area (which can be painted over).  If using 3D paints, encourage the kids to use one colour at time - let it dry - then use the next colour.  That way they get an awesome layered look.

- check out our design ideas (under gallery and templates above).  There are lots of simple, but effective shapes and patterns that you can either print out and trace onto the fabric, or use as inspiration.

- don't be afraid to work on your blank canvas together.  You might like to do an outline and the kids colour it in.  Or, paint it together.  There are no rule books!  So if you want to get involved - why not!

- have fun!  Don't forget there is no right or wrong when it comes to art.  So if the kids make a mistake, paint over it.  Experiment with colours and shapes and enjoy the process.  

- lastly, remember to take a pic of the kids' creation (pretty please!) and share it with all our Blank Canvas Gifts fans and supporters by adding the #blankcanvasgifts.  Nothing brings me more joy than seeing our canvases come to life.

If you have any questions about your gift from Blank Canvas, please don't hesitate to get in touch  

Happy painting!
Sonia x