Library Bag Painting Spring is here and to celebrate we’ve launched a range of gorgeous new paint colours to match our bright and cheerful weather.  I’ve been itching to create something with my favourite combination – Carnivale and yesterday’s sunshine was all we needed to break out the paints.  

Sophie has been taking a plastic bag to the library each week, so it was time we upped our game.  Using some masking tape to create a ‘frame’ for her artwork and some hand cut letters, I told her to ‘go for it’.  And boom – off she went.  This type of ‘art’ is her favourite – freestyle I suppose you could call it!     

Hand Painted Library Bag

Our bags are handmade using heavy duty cotton drill fabric.  The drawstring is soft on the skin but tough enough to carry the weight of your weekly library visit.  Perfect for kids of all ages and with school holidays coming up this might be a great time for the kids to upgrade their library bag if their old one is looking a bit worse for wear.  You can see more HERE.  

Carnivale can also be purchased in with our T-shirt and Apron Gift Packs.  Other great craft projects for the holidays are our Pencil Cases, T-shirts, Shoes or Cushion Packs.

Happy painting!