It's time to party!

Did you know that as well as having beautiful birthday gifts for art-loving kids, we also have a great range of Party Packs!

Imagine introducing a ‘craft corner’ to your party where all the kids can design and decorate their own t-shirt, hat, bag or cushion.  It’s a great way to keep the children busy AND they get to take home a totally unique, hand-crafted memento that they can wear and keep for years.  

Starting from $20 per child, Blank Canvas Gifts Party Packs are all fully customised to suit the age and number of children (you choose from our entire product range).  All 'canvases' are 100% cotton and the fabric paints and markers are non-toxic and safe for children.  Plus our Party Packs come with lots of extra goodies, like fabric glitter and sparkles (all machine washable) plus free delivery for all orders over $100. 

See more details HERE.

Here's some feedback from party queen, Claire at Claire Collected:

"I was asked this week what was the best part of the party and my answer was, without a doubt, the t-shirt painting thanks to Blank Canvas Gifts. Lily and I discovered them when deciding what she would wear on the day. Having chosen the perfect watermelon bathers, L decided she’d like to make her own t-shirt to wear. Having created so much of the decor ourselves leading up to the party it was becoming a bit of a DIY project all the way, so I thought why not! The t-shirt painting filled in more than a whole hour. They even kept dashing back to add more glitter and finishing touches throughout the afternoon. And the creativity from the girls was just delightful! Not one t-shirt was the same. Even better, it filled in so much time, that combined with swimming, and the pinata, we had no need for any other games. Triple ticks!"  Claire

If you have a particular party theme, let us know!  We'll print out some inspiration graphics for the kids to suit your ideas and cherry pick the paint selection to match. 

You can read some tips and tricks on hosting a Blank Canvas party HERE or view some sample packs HERE.

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