Sparkly Autumn Special

Last night I was thinking about a new Autumn special and decided now was the time for SHOES (mainly because Soph needed new ones so it was a good excuse to raid the office).  So the first item on the agenda was deciding on lace colour and as you can see, she chose yellow (which, just quietly had me doing happy dances as she hadn't picked anything other than pink in for ummm ever!)

So we set everything up, ready for some morning sparkly fun.


This month's special is FREE glitter and glue with every shoe pack - so to be true to our road test, we decided to cover the front of the shoe in pink glitter.  It was pretty simple - i just covered the area in glue and she did the sprinkling!


Each pack also comes with a 3D Scribbles paint in complimentary colour to the laces.  It's really designed for drawing or outlining pictures, but Soph (who is three) decided to use it to colour in the back of her sneakers.  Who am I to argue!


 You can see she also found the green glitter.  ("This looks nice too mummy!")

There's a lot of concentration going on with that paintbrush.  Just quietly, I'm quite impressed!

Ta da!  And here they are.  They're not perfect - but short of some tidying up from me and putting the glue on for her - she did them herself and has already announced she'll be wearing them to 'school' tomorrow.  So a nice fun addition to any wardrobe for these glorious Autumn days.

The Blank Canvas Shoe pack comes with six fabric markers in either primary or neon colours (we didn't get to use them today as it was all about the glitter!); coloured laces in neon yellow, pink, green or orange; matching 3D paint; reusable calico bag; inspiration booklet; and blank card to practice your design.  And for Autumn you will also receive FREE glitter and glue in your choice of colour (there are eight colours to choose from).  All for $35.  CLICK HERE to see more.