Back to School

Back to School Combo PacksWe’ve got some fantastic Back to School specials for your budding Picasso to enjoy. Our DIY (decorate it yourself!) library bags, sunhats, art (painting) smocks and pencil cases are fantastic.

They’re all made of high quality, 100% cotton, are durable and completely machine washable – even with rhinestones, glitter, paints and more.  Plus, all our paints and markers are non-toxic and clean up in water.

Great for kids from kindy to primary school, our combo packs represent huge savings with up to $15 discount. And with your little one doing the decoration, you can be sure no one else in the class will have the same bag or hat! A great project for the holidays, the kids will be as proud as punch taking their unique works of art to school in 2015.


See the full range here.