Santa has parked his sleigh at BCG for these Christmas goodies!

Personalised Santa SackIf you thought our normal offerings were perfect for Christmas, wait til you see our newest additions. Santa Sacks and Baking Aprons – can we get any more festive?!

Our stunning Santa Sack is HUGE – 70cm tall and 45cm wide. And with the easy-to-use Tulip dimensional paints, imagine how gorgeous it’ll look under the tree personalised by your little miss or master. There’s a silver bow to match your Christmas angel and we’ve even included a letter to Santa. Love it!

And our gorgeous apron is the pick of the bunch for me. It’s double thickness – so it’ll withstand any serious bake-off. And it comes with four soft fabric paints so decorating it will be a great project for the summer holidays. We’ve also included a recipe for Aunty Fibi’s Almond Shortbread Cookies – which are fail-proof and delicious (if you think you’re stopping at one – think again!)

Both of these Christmas picks are now available at the special price of $40 (thanks to Toot and Crib who nominated them as their weekly special).  But be quick as we have limited stocks of each (especially the Santa Sack).