Birthday Club - Taurus

Taurus Birthday Club

We continue our Birthday Club with a profile of our end April / May babies –Taurus.  Read on for an overview of these determined little characters and don’t miss the code for this month’s special offer.

Taurus Characteristics: Persistent, patient, practical & stubborn

Yes, it has to be said – stubbornness seems to sum up those born under Taurus perfectly!  That being said, being stubborn is not necessarily a negative trait.  Because you could also describe our May babies as those who ‘never give up’ and ‘hard workers’.  Two incredibly important traits to possess – especially down the track when study, work and family come into play. 

It’s said Taurean babies don’t like sudden changes or insecurities of any kind – making them one of the most reliable and conservative signs of our zodiac.

They’re also known for their loyalty – meaning they make great workers and even better friends.  You know a Taurus baby is going to be there right to the end making sure everything works out just right.

Ruled by Venus, Taurus likes expressing themselves creatively – through art, music, cooking or even gardening.  Their patience means they’ll commit the time and energy to any activity they choose.

Famous Taureans include Queen Elizabeth, Adele, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Founder) and David Beckham – pretty good company you'd have to say!

If you know a creative little Taurean, this month's Birthday Club offer is extra special!

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Disclaimer:  The information about Taurus has been sourced from the internet.  As much as I'd like to think of myself as a mystic warrior who can tell a person's star sign in the first five minutes of talking to them - I can't.  Still, it's interesting to do a little research and compile a few fun facts for your enjoyment!